Roo, Matthew, and Phil OíDonnell, are three talented musicians creating their own unique little piece of Rock and Roll history. Itís already been a long road for this young band who seems unfazed by words like challenge. Every time Attila and the Huns perform on stage, they know they are inching a little closer to the top of the mountain. They know Rock and Roll is no fairy tale, but for these three brothers, itís a way of life. Now, standing on the precipice of a brand new level of success, they are more determined than ever to continue this exciting musical journey.

For Attila and the Huns, itís not enough to perform national tours, to be on the radio, to perform their songs in motion pictures, and to be an overnight underground success. No sooner had these goals been accomplished than they added new ones. Their 4 LPs and countless, singles, EPs and special releases are just milestones in the path.

Attila and the Huns have already pounded the pavement earlier than most and still they would be the first to tell you how blessed they are to be so accomplished at such a young age. They are very aware of the importance of a music community, and are honored to have shared the stage with such acts as Cypress Hill, Big D and the Kids Table, Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer, Westbound Train, The Know How, The Flaming Tsunamis, 10-13 Concept and River City High and to have worked professionally with Sean Shannon (Molly Hatchet, Pat Travers Band), Reggie Pryor (David Sanborn Band, The Four Tops), El Hefe (NOFX), and close friend and mentor Norwood Fisher (Fishbone).

Attila and the Huns creative and musical talents, along with their unique ability to connect with their fans, have already earned this young band a remarkable track record. As their story continues, no one understands better than these brothers that their future is limitless and they are headed down the wide open road to Rock and Roll history.

"There is no one out there right now making the kind of music Attila and the Huns is making." Norwood Fisher, Fishbone