5/20/2012 Roman Pictures today selected the new Attila and the Huns song "Marconi's Lament" as the theme song for their upcoming movie release "Signals II". This Sci-fi adventure followup to the award winning "Signals" will release this summer to film festivals worldwide, The company's president, Carlos Roman, has also commissioned the band to write the theme song for his upcoming web series "Dissensions".

4/11/2012 Attila and the Huns has been chosen to contribute music to the upcoming movie release "Bite the Hand", produced by Stike a Pose Films. This gritty crime drama has given the band the opportunity to stretch its creative wings, providing material running the gamut from modern Funk to 1920s Jazz.

3/15/2012 Attila and the Huns has officially signed a management contract with Mash-Up Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based entertainment management company co-founded by Fishbone's Norwood Fisher. The band is honored to be part of this organization, and we know that great things are in store!

2/19/2012 The Kreepy Films Sci-Fi Horror movie "Return of the Loch Ness Monster from Outer Space" premiered today in Orlando. Attila and the Huns provided three original songs to the movie, and appeared in several scenes. Roo, who wrote the soundtrack, attended the premiere with the movie's co-star Melissa Chasteen.